Monday, February 12, 2001

Hey Bubbas, I Likes to Bang!

Submitted by Bill the Rake

Ronny Camaro and his sidekick Evil Mick take Beavis and Butthead meets the Odd Couple to another level. Ronny Camaro looks and acts like a 70's porno guy coming from Denver to L.A. to be a rock star. Evil Mick switches from Freddie Mercury reciting "Bohemian Rhapsody" to George Lynch Man whore advisor and Zoolander model. "Hey bubbas, I likes to bang," says Camaro. Instead of becoming a rock star he finds the mean streets of L.A. and ends up poking fun at Rob Schneider's Deuce Bigelow with a plunger in his butt. The people at Panavision helped produce this HD digital video and it looks like a feature film reminiscent of Sandler's Overboard, Spielberg's Tunnel Vision, The Groove Tube, or Kentucky Fried Movie.

The seven angry women are all cast beautifully and act very well helping to weave the man's inhumanity to man plot twist. Maybe the French sounding actress pokes fun at Vivendi Universal's arrival of Francophone newbies? Scott Johnson plays five or more characters and I had no idea, especially the Sikh pizza delivery guy, until they rolled the credits. Bo Linton acted as director and also plays Ronny Camaro and claimed they made the thing for seven thousand dollars. They've got Tone Loc's "Wild Thing" on the soundtrack and some other 80's music that's pretty fitting. Maybe they could add Bob Seger's "Get Out Of Denver" when Ronny's leaving town.

Ronny Camaro and Seven Angry Women is a lesson for all the people that want to make a movie, or get their music in a movie. After all, you can just do it yourself. It's proof that in Hollywood every one is given a chance, you just have to show up. The Soares family showed up and there's about five of them involved in the movie, with Susan Soares acting as the executive/line producer. So pop open a Coors, roll up a fatty, and let's get this party started. Bo get out of that editing bay and do the dishes and hang those blinds!

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