Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Back Into The Bloodbath

Those folks at Mill Creek Entertainment are at it again. Well, they will be in a week or so. More new releases. More horror. More Science Fiction. More weirdness. More cheese.

I know, I know. I'm starting to sound like the self-appointed cheerleader for this company. Okay, I guess I am. But I gotta tell you, it isn't often that I find anything in the video stores that makes me feel like it's Christmas morning when I get my purchase home. These 50 and 20 and 10 movie sets leave me half-crazed with which title I want to sit down and watch first. But you should have no pity for a fan with a deep love of cheap movies in vast quantities. No. You should pity my poor girlfriend. She is often kind enough to grin and bear through these films. (I think Terror Of Tiny Town damn near killed her, though I found the second half to be a tolerable cheapy Western tale.)

So, now we have another 50 movie set called "Nightmare Worlds". There are a good number of titles fresh to Mill Creek's line up. Alien Contamination. Atomic Rulers Of The World. Embryo. Radio Ranch (The Phantom Empire). Nightmare Never Ends (seen in a drastically cut version in Night Train To Terror). Terror At The Red Wolf Inn. UFO: Target Earth. Werewolf Woman. Eternal Evil. Ring Of Terror. That's just a few. With forty more movies, you'll be burning up almost 67 hours. So take a week off work. The boss will understand.

And if you prefer your horror a touch more modern and often more bloody, then definitely check out the new releases from Mill Creek's Pendulum Pictures. 3 titles: "Everlasting Evils", "Demented Deviants", and "Brutal Bloodsuckers".

Each collection has six films on two disks. If you are a die-hard fan of Brain Damage Films, a direct-to-video film company, then you may have some of these titles, so check the title listings. For those of you who have never heard of Brain Damage Films, prepare for movies that push the limits of gore, good taste and, on occasion, logic. Still, if you like your violence without sugarcoating and your savagery shown in full color, these releases from Pendulum Pictures will keep you busy for a weekend of gruesome entertainment.

(As always, we like to thank Mill Creek Entertainment for the kind use of their graphics. Check out their site at www.millcreekent.com)

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